Meet the Team


Ken and Val have pioneered and pastored the church since 1990.  They are married with 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.  They have watched the church family outgrow various rented buildings until the Church was blessed with its permanent home – The Harvest Centre.
Ken and Val have not only pastored the church family here, but have ministered in a number of churches overseas.  They also actively oversee a humanitarian project in Uganda.



  Steve and Sarah have been part of BFGC since 2000 and have known Ken and Val for more years than they can remember – in fact Ken & Val knew Sarah before she was a teenager!  Married since 1990 their 3 children are now all adults. Both of their boys (Josh & Jordan) are now happily married and their 18 year old daughter, Olivia, is just completing her college education.  In 2011 Steve & Sarah were approved as foster parents and provide a loving home for new born babies. Steve also works full-time as an engineer and Sarah is the church treasurer.  


We have been part of the Brandon Family since 2001. We are blessed to serve such a wonderful group a people.  Julio and Eunice have been married since 1988  and have been blessed with 3 great boys;
 Julio, Ricardo and Reuben.
Julio came to know the Lord in 1981 in Oregon City, Oregon and was born in California and served in the USAF for 9 years in England and got out of the military in 1993 and became a resident of the UK having felt called to this nation. Eunice is originally from East London and became a Christian in 1986.